All Packages Include Our Best Feature – The Makesbridge Team

No matter which subscription you choose, you’ll get the platform and people to help you build lasting relationships to grow and strengthen your business. To get you started, our team will work with you to set objectives, develop a strategy and determine performance targets. Then, we’ll guide you through set-up of your new marketing system and check-in regularly to confirm your progress.

Month to month subscriptions make using our platform flexible and very low risk. Start with a free 15-day account to test our features and get the conversation started!

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Ideal for demand generation, nurturing and prospect visibility

  • 25,000 contacts
  • 125,000 emails/mo
  • 5 Individual accounts
  • Moderate Automation:
    5 autobots | 5 nurture tracks
  • BridgeStatz - Realtime website tracking
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MKS Enterprise

Ideal for organizations that want marketing, sales and business process automation

  • 50,000 contacts
  • 250,000 emails/mo
  • 10 Individual accounts
  • Advanced Automation:
    10 autobots | 10 nurture tracks | 10 workflows
  • BridgeStatz - Realtime website tracking
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Most Loved
MKS Engage

Ideal for advanced needs and on-the-spot support requirements

  • 100,000 contacts
  • 500,000 emails/mo
  • 25 Individual accounts
  • Full Blown Automation:
    20 autobots | 20 nurture tracks | 20 workflows
  • BridgeStatz - Realtime website tracking
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