Sales Lead Calculator

Make Sure You Have the Right Number of Leads
to Meet Revenue Goals

Do you have enough contacts to get started with to reach your lead generations and sales goals?

This invaluable tool will help determine if you need additional data to fuel your lead generation program.

The sales lead calculator will help you determine how many marketing touches it takes to reach your revenue goals along with the cost per touch based on your budget. The calculator also provides answers to these questions below:

1 – How much contact data do I need to fuel my marketing campaigns?

2 – How many marketing touches do I need each month, quarter or this year to hit my revenue goal?

3 - How many inquires will be generated from my marketing campaigns/touches?

4 – How many prospect inquires will go on to become qualified leads?

5 – How many qualified leads do I need to generate for each sales person, each month and per year?

6 – What is my marketing budget as a percentage of my revenue goal?

7 – What’s the cost of each marketing touch, inquiry, qualified lead and actual sale?

While there are many factors involved in creating an effective marketing strategy, these answers will provide the basis for creating a marketing strategy necessary to hit your revenue goals.

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