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  • Mass emailing and nurture tracks.
  • Auto-responders and telesales.
  • Tasks automation.
  • Deep analytics, KPIs and prospect tracking.
  • Tight integration with Cloud apps and CRM.
  • Use right from your CRM.
  • Sync your contacts and data at one place.
makesbridge overview

One Platform Has All You Need to Grow

A single platform to track marketing campaigns, web statistics and business performance.

Integrate marketing capabilities and results data into popular CRM apps in minutes. Data is always synched for hassle free targeting and automatic activity updates to contact records.


TWCBC had multiple objectives, from simple emailing to sophisticated campaigns: they wanted to do regular communications about their product announcement and news, be able to increase partner count on their partner portal, track what their agents were interested in and send targeted messaging to 2 different groups of visitors: registered, frequent visitors and new visitors.

Time Warner Cable Business Class