Track Digital Campaigns and KPIs!

Campaign, Website and Business Performance

Measure Success, Plan Next Step and Optimize Your Campaigns!

  • Customized reporting.
  • Campaigns comparison.
  • Drag and drop charting tool.
  • SEO analysis.
  • Site traffic and keywords analysis.
  • Deep insight on leads, clicks, and traffic.
  • Exportable reports.

Multifaceted Insights to Plan and Optimize Campaigns

Comprehensive Analytics

Using Makesbridge, you can track and measure the performance of individual campaigns. Multifaceted analytics provide the basis of performance measurement and future planning. Improve the effectiveness of each marketing campaign by measuring results and understanding what works best. Whether it is an email marketing campaign, landing page, keyword analysis or site’s traffic, Makesbridge provides in-depth insights for better decisions.

ROI Allocation

Compare campaigns for the number of new customers acquired. Analyze territories, funnels, or sales reps for new trials generated. Cross-compare the products and understand the prospects’ interest. On the basis of these insights, plan your next campaign and allocate your budget according to ROI. Makesbridge helps you increase the success rate and improve the performance of individual campaigns.

Exportable Reporting

Whether you are tracking a contacts activity, analyzing a drip campaign’s result, or measuring performance of a landing page, Makesbridge allows you to create and save your reports for analysis later on. You can export your reports to the local system or desktop in PDF and other formats. Save your reports, use them during team's meeting and make informed business decisions.