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  • Send perfect emails at perfect time.
  • Send right from your CRM.
  • Mass emailing and nurture tracks.
  • Flexible email scheduling.
  • Dozens of intuitive and tested templates.
  • Captivating User Interface.
  • Reliable reporting.
  • Business Intelligence.
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Marketing Automation that Drives Sales and Boosts up Revenue!

We’ve a record 99.9% up-time that means you can rely on us to keep your business growing.

Companies that use marketing automation enjoy ...


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Deeper insight into
prospect behavior


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Reliable Email Marketing

Makesbridge offers reliable email marketing platform that helps you achieve your marketing goals. You can schedule email blasts at desired timing, or use our powerful lead nurturing tool to manage prospect. We offer an easy-to-use editor that enables you to customize your content for the planned or scheduled drip campaigns. You can upload your own template or use the beautiful pre-built ones. Of course, you can customize, add/remove every element on the templates.

Automation & Auto Responses

Email marketing automation allows you to save time and make a series of touch points with prospects. You can set up autoresponder emails whenever prospect performs an action; like form filling. Marketers can schedule welcome notes, event confirmation, resource link sharing, acknowledgements, and discount offers to keep prospect engaged. The best thing, you will not have to repeat this exercise; do it once, and Makesbridge will take care of the rest.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Makesbridge helps you with reliable reporting and business intelligence tools. We have an easy to use drag-and-drop charting tool that helps marketers track prospect behavior. You can create and share custom web-hosted reports of your all online marketing campaigns. The integrated reporting tool allows you to measure results, set goals, and improve performance. You can export your reports/charts to PDF and save on your local machine.

Why Makesbridge?

Makesbridge has been helping global businesses, enterprises, small teams, individuals, and Fortune 500companies since 2001.

  • Affordability with reliability.
  • Single platform for all marketing automation needs.
  • Power, economy, package flexibility and support.
  • Deep business intelligence.
  • 13 years of industry experience.
  • 5 star rating for support, value, and ease-of-use.

Connect with your marketing objectives

With our marketing tools you will grow faster.

  • Bring in more leads through advanced profiling and behavior targeting.
  • Increase qualified leads using behavior-based alerts for your sales teams.
  • Turn more new leads into hot prospects using automation.
  • Reduce overall marketing expenses and increase productivity with a single tool that boasts an average subscriber lifespan of 6.5 years.

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