Makesbridge publishes a marketing automation platform that is used by companies around the globe.

The platform features easy-to-use tools that offer automation that everyone can do. Even the beginners can easily execute their essential prospect management tasks, such as; email marketing, direct mail, automated nurturing, advanced targeting, lead qualification, behavior tracking, business intelligence and sales alerts.

We have worked with all kinds of companies grow their technology and systems integration. From independent contractors to corporate icons, media houses to Fortune 500, we’ve helped companies improve their way of doing business and generate revenue faster. Our single point agenda is to help businesses grow faster. Makesbridge is the first marketing automation company to provide a combination of power, economy, package flexibility and support. The on-demand product is delivered without long-term obligation via monthly subscription. In addition, you can customize the subscription by calculating your cost. Makesbridge price and feature calculator helps you pick up the best and desired package for your business. We have not only worked with small and medium sized customers but also helped large and well-known companies in achievement of their marketing and CRM goals. Recognized names such as Time Warner Cable, Johnson & Johnson, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and NCR have used the Makesbridge platform. Makesbridge was founded in 2001 and is located in Portland, OR.

Board of Advisors

Jay Adams

President & CEO