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Advanced Prospect Tracking
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In our 14 years of serving sales teams, Makesbridge has learned exactly what they want and what works best.

  • 1Pre-set lead score rules start showing hot leads right away.
  • 2Our Prospect Dashboard lets you identify ready prospects – and then add them to meeting request drips.
  • 3View contacts based on tags, recent activity, lead score and other popular categories that can be adjusted effortlessly for your preferences.
  • 4Inspired by social networks, our interface displays contacts to maximize sales engagement and boost confidence in using the tool.

Advanced Prospect Tracking

Makesbridge offers you an advanced prospect tracking facility that helps sales teams view different touch points. On the basis of activity insight,it rather than they can score leads and perform different prospect management tasks.A URL tracking feature makes it easy to track a link activity, banner ads performance, visits from a particular website or social network.

Integration with CRM

The Makesbridge platform has tight integration with Salesforce, Netsuite, Highrise, Google, LinkedIn and others. You can track prospect activity right from within your CRM, score leads, upload contact records, integrate reports, assign selling tasks to different sales representatives, and automate your selling process.

Real-time Leads Alerts

By using Makesbridge, sales teams can receive automatic notifications of prospect activity, leads, and significant traffic activity to strike better deals.One of the best features is the ‘customize your preferences’ option that allows sales reps to further customize their monitoring data based on lead score, geography, demographics, source, time on site, and other factors.

A Sales Automation Platform that Does Exactly What You Need!

Contacts can be added into drip streams – such as appointment requests and nurture campaigns – in just two mouse clicks.

Mergeable “From” addresses make emails look individually handwritten, resulting in a higher percentage of replies.

Contact tagging / untagging offers painless group management and makes mass communication easy to handle.

View contacts based on tags, recent activity, lead score and other popular categories.

Customize your preferences for lead scoring, prospect categorization, leads alerts, and a lot more.

We are rated at 4.9 out of 5 at Salesforce Appexchange for ease-of-use, value, and support.

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