Set It and Forget It!

Pre-built automation routines run your business like a 24/7 workforce!

Easy and Bite-sized Automation that Anyone Can Do!

Automated Drip Messaging

Autobots, (Email bots, Score bots, Alert bots)

Industry Specific Nurture Tracks


Nurture Tracks Performance Charts

Behavior Alerts

Meeting Requests, Lead Scoring

and much more...

Sales Automation, Intelligence, and Performance Charts All Together.

Save your time and keep pipelines flowing with meeting requests, behavior alerts, and quality scoring. Set your routine once and Makesbridge will take care of the rest. Enjoy the best combination of marketing automation services, analytics and prospect intelligence.

makesbridge overview

As Good as Serving Leads to Your Sales Colleagues on a Silver Platter.

Puts sales in touch with new leads to increase conversions.

Sends a meeting request to a hot prospect while simultaneously alerting a sales rep to call and follow up.

Makes sure that all new leads are sent emails or follow-up calls from sales.

Focuses your sales team’s attention on prospects with huge lead score jumps.

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