Connections and Data in One Place

Manage your Contacts, Friends, Connections, and Data at One Place!

With Makesbridge Cloud You Can...

  • Integrate, access, use, and manage your data from one place.
  • Use single dashboard for your social connections, cloud data, and CRM.
  • Sync and manage your prospects in a hassle free manner.
  • Manage your calls to action effectively.
  • Send marketing messages from a single account.
  • Start, run, and measure cross-selling and upselling campaigns.
  • Analyze the revenue impact and effectiveness of cross-selling and upselling campaigns.
  • Synchronize your data automatically.
makesbridge overview

Your Data is Three Steps Ahead.

Makesbridge marketing automation allows users to gather and manage their entire data at one place. Be it Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections, Gmail contacts, Excel list, Google drive data, or Salesforce connections,you can import and manage everything from your Makesbridge account.

When data is accessible at one place, it saves your time, provides multifaceted insight, optimizes ability to take action, and drives sales faster.

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  • FREE! Synch and store 5,000 contacts and 25 data fields
  • FREE! Forms, HTML Editor, Landing Pages
  • FREE! Auto-Responder and Meeting Request Autobot

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Connect & Import

Reduce the time it takes to run your business. When you connect your apps on Makesbridge, you reap the benefits of seamless data exchange and efficient workflows.


Promote, Nurture, Sell, Measure

Set up a chain of emails and sales reminders in seconds. Send to any set of records, members of campaigns or upload CSVs. Sales and support have their fingers on the pulse of who’s active.

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