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Get advanced drip message sequencing plus automated sales follow-ups to warm leads and increase conversions.

Create real-time sales alerts when critical actions are taken on your website or funnels

Create advanced targeting and segmentation based on behaviors to increase email KPI's.

Increase sales by 25% by using this or similar automated followup sequences.

“The support is so good. It’s like having a fractional marketing person on call.”
Julie Bylow, StaffReady Computer Software

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Ranked #1 for Customer Satisfaction 4.9 out of 5 Stars (53 Reviews - read 4 below)

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Ranked #1 for support

Read the reviews below to get a sense of how you’ll be supported. You won’t be disappointed!

You’ll get a dedicated success manager plus phone, email, and chat support from 1am - 7pm PST. Oh, and some of the best response times in the industry.

All the features of the big boys at 1/3 the cost!

Simple drag and drop editor, responsive email templates and landing pages, and highly advanced segmentation and logic for nurture campaigns - not to mention lead scoring and unknown visitor tracking. After 16yrs, we've mastered simplicity and power like no one else.

Be up an running in less than 30 minutes.

Plug and play integration with multiple partners including Salesforce. Input your data and be live in less than 30 minutes with no errors. No integration partner or multiweek integration project needed here.

Easy to use

Learn the software quickly and easily. Build automations and run campaigns the first day. It really is that easy.

Outlook 365 & Gmail Plugin

We’ll even include sales tools to streamline your reachout and follow-up process.

Track What Matters

Get great analytics out of the box and make them better with simple custom tweaks here and there. Also, track things other than email including your most important KPI’s. All yours for the price of effort.


Learn why we’re Ranked #1 for customer support AND how you’ll benefit!

Spencer Foreman

Makesbridge has helped us immensely with automating our Email campaigns, and nurture drips.Whenever we've needed help with an existing campaign,or to build a new one, they have always been on hand waiting to assist usin any way they can.

James Taylor

We were very nervous implementing a new mass email system to our team of 250 agents, but Jay, Junaid and the team were incredibly helpful. We use partner community licenses with Salesforce which is a major hinderance for most email providers, but Makesbridge was able to connect to partner communities no problem. We have since grown to over 500 agents, all using Makesbridge and their support is still outstanding. The platform is very easy to use and the huge array features are very beneficial.

Liz Lamoreaux

Makesbridge has taken our email marketing system to a whole new level. Junaid and the MB team worked with us every step of the way and as a result, we have generated so many great leads! The system is user friendly and has proven to be a huge success! Best decision we ever made!

Julie Bylow

I'm going to be honest and say that I was apprehensive that the Makesbridge team was actually as wonderful as the reviews claim...How often does that actually happen?! But now, I can honestly say that the glowing reviews are spot-on, and my only concern is that they do not do justice in describing the product, support and service Makesbridge provides.

My organization is a small firm, and we were completely priced out of the market for the "standard" automation solutions like Pardot, HubSpot or Marketo. Makesbridge was like a godsend to our team. All of the features we needed, intuitive dashboards and navigation, and beautiful templates. Quite honestly, there is not a single feature that the larger firms have that we could possibly need now that we have implemented Makesbridge- It's that good.

The absolute tipping point in satisfaction, however, is the direct result of the incredible support team. Ehsan has provided incredible training, making sure my team understood the application. And if at any point you have questions, or need help, they're immediately available. It's like having fractional marketing FTE's on call.

I've never had such incredible support- Thank you, MakesBridge for making my workload manageable!!!

Integrated with and trusted by over 523 businesses

Integrate with popular CRM apps and other web apps in minutes. Data is always synched for hassle free targeting and automatic activity updates to contact records.